Friday, August 04, 2006

I went to a website that describes a murder crime which happened in Carbondale. the person who died was a young man. He was twenty two years old. The information said that the people who killed him were two black men . And the reason that pushed them to kill him was robbery. This crime was done in the street at night by stabbing him. The Victim did not die immediately. He called his friends to help hem. And his friends called the police. his friends did not describe his place exactly. Because of that, the police arrived late. Later he died in the hospital.
In my opinion there is no reason to kill anyone. And I think the life of a human starts with the will of Allah, so just Allah decides when to take our life. From the other side the victim lost his chance to be saved when he did not call police directly. The time was important and he lost a lot of it when he called his friend.


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